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12 Best Black Lights of 2021

You can buy black lights for a party, shooting a video, or just to spruce up your room. Whether you want to install a single black light in your house. Or multiple spread across the ceiling. You will need to know the type of bulb, intensity, and fixture you are going to buy. That is why this buying guide will help you decide which black light to buy. Black lights are ironically neon because they intensify UV LED lights. You can install multiple blacklights in your house as party lights, LED bulbs, and table lamps or bulbs. So if you’re in the market for the best black lights, you’ve come to the right place...

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Black Light Fixtures

The most important thing about buying black lights is the fixtures. You will have two options to choose from:

You can either buy a beam angle fixture or a bracket that offers versatile mounting options.

Installing a black light on a beam gives you wider coverage. You can install it indoors in the corners of your ceiling or walls. And adjust the black light beam from 120 to 200 degrees for more or less coverage.

Usually, when you need to cover a larger area, a beam angle fixture comes in handy.

For tight space, I would recommend installing a black light bracket. This gives you multiple mounting options. You can purchase a mounting stand, lamp, tabletop clamp, etc. The LED black light will easily mount on any wall, shelf, and tabletop.

Black Light Bulbs

Once you know where to install a black light, and how, the next thing is to look at the different types of black light bulbs.

You have to choose from incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights. You can also decide based on the mounting fixtures. Whether it’s a wall fixture or a socket fixture that you need to choose from.

LED Black Lights

In case you want more versatility, you can always buy a handheld or portable fixture in the form of LED lights. A black LED flashlight that is battery-powered is a popular and affordable choice.

LED black lights are the most common of them all. Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and effective.

You can also get LED black lights in the form of floodlights for parties, stage lighting, and other use.

Incandescent Black Lights

Generally speaking, incandescent black lights aren’t that popular. They don’t last as long as LED lights. Also, they do not give off such a bright intensity. The whole purpose of using a black light is to be extremely bright - even more so that standard white and yellow lights.

And since incandescent lights aren’t all that bright - they are a poor option for black lights. Because of their low intensity, black incandescent lights end up emitting a bluish glow.

Different Black Light Shapes

You can buy black lights in different shapes and sizes. Rope or string lights, flashlights, and mountable lights.

This may come as a surprise to some of you but string black lights are quite popular. They are a great fit for bedrooms or tight spaces. And you can buy string lights in different lengths, bulb sizes, and other interesting features.

You can also easily custom design the right length for you. Some high-quality string black lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and outdoor-friendly.

Next up is handheld flashlights. You illuminate a part of your room or for checking up on stuff. Blacklight is quite useful. For example, you can use black lights to look for stains, urine marks, and other things in your room.

Lots of people use black flashlights during parties, scavenger hunts, and other outdoor activities. So it’s always fun to have that as an option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the best feature of a black light?

That is the light intensity of any black light. Whether you want it to have a low intensity or high intensity. Or you want a black light with adjustable light settings.

Most black lights are slightly more intense than standard bulbs. Their range of light is brighter because black is a dark color so it needs more power to give off a deeper light.

So if you appreciate flexibility, you should always look for light adjustability in black light. You can also look for black lights that give off the highest intensity. Depending upon the size of space you want to cover, 385 to 400nm is the preferred range of light for black lights.

2. LED strip light or LED bar light - which is better?

An LED strip black light is more flexible. You can install strip lights in tight spaces such as in photo boxes, under TV cabinets, tabletops, etc. It can also be used as decoration.

LED strip lights also use low power, are easier to maintain, and can work practically on most surfaces.

LED bar lights are for permanent installations. If you want a durable blacklight setup, LED bar light configuration is perfect for you. You can find LED bar lights in 1 to 4 feet sizes. And unlike LED strip lights, you can only install them on flat and straight surfaces.

This means you can install LED bar black lights on shelves, ceilings, walls, trusses, and cabinets.

In case you want to install a black light on a curved surface, go for the LED strip light.

3. How many black lights are needed for a 400 sqft area?

Say for example you are using the standard fluorescent blacklight bulbs. To light up a 400 sqft area, you will need at least 2 UV black light bulbs.

If you want a darker blacklight setup, you can buy between 2-3 UV black lights.

On average, one bulb per 100 sqft is the ideal equation.

Final Thoughts

If you’re one of those people interested in buying black lights, this is the right place to start from. This is where you’ll get to know about all the essential features of black lights. Where to buy ‘em, what to look for, and what not to buy.

My recommendation to you would be to buy a black light that’s LED, flexible, and durable. Do not go for those cheap-looking and flimsy black lights. They won’t last you longer than a month - even if you have read multiple reviews on it.

The secret is to buy a mid-price for something that will last you for a very long time. So it’s worth the investment and the final result is that your room ends up looking fab!