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14 Best Combination Squares of 2021

Do you think tasks like cutting, measuring, etc. are simple? Not always, to be completely honest with you. And this is coming from a DIY enthusiast who knows how important it is to be accurate and precise when it comes to achieving a perfect finish. When working with wood, seamless angles are a must. And for that, you absolutely could do a lot better with the best combination squares. No doubt, it’s the most useful tool you or anyone could ever have at their disposal. So you can measure and cut accurately. That too without having to complicate your efforts. It’s a multi-use tool for measuring that creates on-point 45-degree and 90-degree angles. At the same time, it lets you measure round objects. Along with finding distance or depth with the utmost ease. In short, combination square advantages span across multiple situations. So let’s find out which type and what kind of features are the most suitable for you…

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Benefits Of Using A Combination Square

The first and foremost advantage is achieving the most accurate measurements. And you can adjust the settings of this tool to get there. As long as you have the best combination squares, you don’t have to worry about poor performance due to any flaw in the tool itself.

Apart from superior accuracy, another huge benefit is that you can use combination squares with just about any material. Be it for metal fabricating, woodworking, etc.

More often than not, combination squares are outfitted with an interchangeable head. If not, then you have to purchase one separately. What the interchangeable heads do is measure custom angles, common angles, and also identify the precise center of any round workpiece.

Different Types of Combination Squares

The structure, in general, doesn’t change much. It’s just that the size is either small or big. And you have to take this crucial factor into consideration if you want the tool to be useful and accurate for your particular projects.

Larger squares are made for large-scale projects. So it goes without saying that you can’t use these for minor applications. So it’s always a better idea to purchase both big and small combination squares to have access to versatility.

Best Combination Squares - Key Features

1. Size

No doubt about the fact that size matters in this case. What size of combination square you get determines how to use the tool. And this is based on what type of projects you undertake. On that note, it’s always a wise decision to buy multiple sizes.

You may not require the biggest of the lot for too many projects. But sizes like medium and small prove very useful for a wide range of work.

2. Head Design

Most of the combination squares look alike. But there are indeed a few differences in the head design. Your best choice should be those with the bubble level in the head design. These are incredibly handy for small-scale projects. At the same time, they minimize the chances of switching tools frequently during your building process.

3. Interchangeable Head

The greater lot of combination squares come with an interchangeable head. But not every manufacturer or supplier offers various head designs for fitting into the rue. So it’s better to make sure the square you wish to buy features such heads. Otherwise, you end up having to buy another tool altogether later on.

4. Impact Resistance

Accidentally dropping a combination square is something that sometimes cannot be avoided. In that case, it’s in the best interest of your investment to make sure your tools are impact-resistant. The bubble, in particular, should be immune to mishandling as it’s the most likely to shatter easily.

Best Combination Squares - Pricing

The affordable options are priced between $10 and $50. As for the quality, you cannot expect much. At least not in comparison to those combination squares that cost over $50. These are of premium quality. Thus, often preferred by professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Combination Squares

What are combination squares used for?

It’s a multi-use tool that works for a wide range of purposes. This includes setting the height of different pieces of the project, precisely lining up a ruler to create straight lines, accurately laying out joinery, etc.

Combination squares are a handy tool, which means you can benefit from them in more ways than I’ve mentioned.

How to tell if the combination squares are accurate?

Use a straight line to place the anvil up against it. Then draw the second line along the blade’s outside edge. Now remove the square. Can you spot if both the lines are side-by-side? If yes, then the combination square is accurate.

Then for the square’s shoulder, determine its angle with the help of another dependable protractor. Likewise, a reliable ruler allows you to check the accuracy of the blade measurements.

Is a Starrett combination square worth it?

Among the top contenders, Starrett combination squares rank the best in terms of quality and design. The standards of engineering are unbeatable.

As for the factor of cost, these are reasonably priced and offer the best value for money. They are at least 3-5 times more expensive than the others though.

The End

A combination square is necessary for you if your projects involve stone, metal, or wood. The tool has a long ruler connected to its head. But this can change based on your kind of work. The most commonly used head is the square type. This allows you to measure 45-degree and 90-degree angles without wasting your time or energy.

Combination squares are quite popular among woodworkers and the like. Even among DIY enthusiasts. After all, they can be put to use for a broad range of purposes. And the precision that comes along with is the best part.

Just make sure you get a precise, reliable, and durable combination square. And also buy a mix of small, medium, and large squares for more versatility. That is why I have narrowed down the recommendations and the process of choosing the most suitable combination squares.