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24 Best Padded Toilet Seats of March 2021

If your bedroom can feel beautiful and comfortable, then why shouldn’t your bathroom too? Why does that room have to be an exception? I mean we do indeed spend 3 hours per week in there. Now it’s true that we only just make numbers 1 and 2 during those 3 hours, but they’re hours spent nevertheless on the toilet seat. The best padded toilet seats are actually made for those who experience pain. And oftentimes, oldies prefer sitting on a seat that doesn’t feel cold and hard. But you don’t necessarily have to be a certain age to enjoy this luxury you know - it’s open to ALL. The hard part is finding the most comfortable seat for the bathroom. It has to score higher marks in terms of design, quality, and even price. So let’s see what your options are, and how to go about using them to your advantage.

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Key Features to Take Into Account for the Best Padded Toilet Seats

1. Size of the Toilet Bowl

These seats fit either the elongated bowl or the rounded bowl. Elongated is 18.5 inches while rounded is 16.5 inches.

So before you buy, measure the circumference of your toilet. Because you don’t want to end up with an incorrect size as it may just be too short or too long. The comfort factor gets compromised right there and then.

And to simplify installation, getting the right shape is a prerequisite.

2. Mount Type

One option is the traditional bolt-nut system. And the other one consists of a built-in bolt-nut mount. The latter is a nuisance in terms of unbolting, even though it looks straightforward to install.

On the other hand, the traditional version is much easier. And it’s also most highly recommended to install toilet seats, including padded or soft ones.

3. Durability

The cushioned seat is attached to a plastic or wooden frame, right? So this layer beneath should be sturdy and durable to keep away splits or cracks.

What about the padding itself? Look for high-density foam because this particular material supports all levels of body weight. If you go for something cheap or low-quality, know that the cushioning will flatten out quickly. Over time, this starts to feel hard as if you have no padding in your toilet seat.

Speaking of materials, these are also those that include the use of antimicrobial properties. These materials keep bacteria, mold, sweat, etc. at bay.

4. Hinges

It’s good manners for men to put down the toilet seat after doing their business if they’re living with a woman. That’s what couples fight about all the time, isn’t it? Whatever the case, the seat is subjected to constant lifting and lowering throughout just a single day.

On that note, wouldn’t high-quality hinges be able to withstand these movements? They can also handle the pressure, no matter how high, when you’re sitting on the seat.

When materials like chrome, stainless steel, or brass are a part of the hinges, you don’t have to worry about rust resistance. At the same time, these materials can tolerate direct water contact.

5. Soft Close

Not many consumers know that the best padded toilet seats are equipped with the Soft Close feature. What this does is minimize the noise that arises when the seat slams on top of the toilet bowl. It’s actually a very useful add-on.

Other Tips for Buying the Best Padded Toilet Seats

  • Keep away from toilet seats designed with extra crevices and ridges that tend to attract dirt. Easy Release may cost more agreed, but it’s so much more convenient as well.
  • Choose durable materials like strong, molded plastic or solid wood.
  • Does the color of the toilet seat match with the color of your toilet bowl and your bathroom decor? Color combinations do indeed increase visual appeal.
  • You have to decide between close vs. open front. This is only a matter of personal preferences and practical consideration.
  • Did you know that some toilet seats are made of antimicrobial materials to keep the experience completely hygienic and clean?
  • Toilet seats with metal hinges are better than plastic ones.
  • The Slow or Whisper Close function is a very useful additional feature.
  • The material of the padding determines the level of comfort. So make sure the comfort level is long-lasting and high-quality.
  • Avoid buying cheap cushioned toilet seats, which often tend to wear out soon. The best way to avert this tragedy is to choose from one of the leading brands.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Padded Toilet Seats

How difficult is it to install a padded toilet seat?

It’s no complicated or time-consuming task. Installing a new toilet seat just requires the use of a screwdriver. And it often comes with instructions provided by the manufacturer. So you can replace the old one the most easily and quickly.

Just make sure you get the right size. The slightest deviation in size paves the way for hindrances during installation. And then you end up with a new toilet seat that doesn’t feel comfortable at all. Money down the drain!

Do padded toilet seats have quick-release mechanisms?

Not every padded toilet set features a quick-release function. Some of them do, and you can use the mechanism for easily removing the seat from the fasteners or hinges. This makes way for efficient, quick cleaning and good hygiene. Post-cleaning, just replace and secure the seat easily on the toilet back again.

Are padded toilet seats expensive?

The cost varies from brand to brand. There’s no right answer here, to be completely honest with you. But it goes without saying that more expensive models are better in terms of quality, padding, durability, stability, etc. However, there are affordable ones too with no major complaints. But these are very rare to stumble upon.


When your seat is cushioned, you don’t feel anything hard bothering your sit bones or buttocks. And this extends to your toilet seat, doesn’t it? Comfort, warmth, and luxury - that’s what you get with the best padded toilet seats. They’re not just made for the elderly or kids undergoing potty training.

Buying a good seat that rests on high-quality hinges is very important. And so is the color and pattern of the toilet set. It should match with your bathroom decor after all. But there’s no denying that the cushioning aspect is the most crucial.