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11 Best Reading Pillows of 2021

If you’re an avid reader, buying a reading pillow is a must. Imagine sleeping on a hard surface – and you love sleeping! When a hard bed for sleeping is unacceptable, why should your reading needs be neglected? Reading pillows are high-functional and comfortable. They can be used for a lot more things than reading even. Catching up on emails, writing, or watching a late-night movie. If you spend a lot of time sitting down engaged in reading, writing, or bingeing. Then you need to read more about reading pillows. Similar to buying a mattress for the first time, reading pillows have different fillings.

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Types of Reading Pillows

You can choose between a ‘husband’ and an ‘orthopedic’ reading pillow.

You must have already guessed it but a ‘husband’ reading pillow is softer and bigger. It has a higher backrest and arms. So it feels like a person but only that it’s a reading pillow!

‘Husband’ reading pillows offer exceptional back support. And some even include extra benefits such as side pockets and cup holders.

‘Orthopedic’ reading pillows are ergonomically-designed. They do not have a straight backrest like ‘husband’ reading pillows. Instead, they have a sloping back that supports and cradles the spine to prevent back pain.

If you have back problems, you will appreciate the upright stance of an ‘orthopedic’ reading pillow. It’s less relaxed but it’s just as comfortable.

‘Wedge’ pillows also fall under the category of ‘orthopedic’ pillows. They offer adjustable inclines that you can adjust depending upon your activity.

Filling Material of Reading Pillows

You can also select the right reading pillow based on its material.

You have memory foam, shredded memory foam, and polyester fiber.

  • Memory Foam

This is the most popular and affordable material in the mattress industry. It does everything you need on a mattress. It relieves pressure points in the body. It also retains the proper shape of the mattress after you get up from the pillow.

And some high-quality memory foam pillows also adapt to the shape of your body – including your neck, shoulders, and head. So that you feel comfortable and supported for longer hours.

  • Shredded Memory Foam

Most high-quality reading pillows are made of shredded memory foam. Memory foam is firm while shredded memory foam is more breathable.

  • Polyester Fiber

Polyester fibers are a manmade material. It’s a synthetic fabric that is more affordable to purchase. But they don’t last as long because of their cheap quality.

But for the time that they do, polyester fiber offers excellent support and comfort. You can also buy reading pillows with bamboo fiber, cotton, and other eco-friendly fillers. This makes the reading pillow more breathable.

The only con of polyester fiber reading pillows is that they don’t last for a very long time. So they lose most of their support and cushioning after a few months. Meanwhile, memory foam lasts for years when you take care of the material.

Cover Material of Reading Pillows

There are three common pillow cover materials that work. Corduroy, Velvet or Velour, and Microfiber. Corduroy is the most common as it is made from cotton. They have a soft look and feel. But if you wash them very often, they sag a bit.

Velvet or Velour are shiny but soft. If you are looking for a reading that has a good design, a velvet cover is the best option.

If you have pets around, it’s best to go for the alternative that is velour. It’s less expensive than velvet. And it can withstand wear and tear for long stretches of time.

Microfiber is a synthetic material. Even though it has a slightly rough texture, it’s very durable and has a sleek look. It also repels stains because of its tightly-woven fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the best reading pillow shape?

You can get a lot done when you have a reading pillow at your disposal. But this also depends on the type of reading pillow you buy.

You have a wedge, bed rest, and a traditional reading pillow.

Wedge reading pillows are more orthopedic in that they relieve pain and discomfort associated with various health conditions. Such as snoring, sleep apnea, back pain, and allergies.

A bed rest reading pillow is good for reading in a more relaxed and comfortable posture. It’s as if you’re lying back on the bed and reading. But with more back support.

The traditional reading pillow shape has a long armrest, neck support, and a high back. It offers excellent support for the shoulders, back, and neck.

While holding a book, your elbows can sit comfortably on the armrest. While you can put your head back without awkwardly bending your neck which often causes neck stiffness and shoulder pain.

2. How to clean a reading pillow?

It’s important to understand the basics of maintaining a reading pillow. If you want the reading pillow to last for a long time, keeping it germ- and stain-free is necessary.

Some reading pillows come with removable and machine-washable covers. Also, you can use a damp cloth and wipe the cushion down to kill away odors. This preserves the shelf life of a reading pillow more effectively than you think.

3. What’s the best reading position?

The best reading position for book worms is sitting up straight. You can sit in a chair, on the floor, or on the sofa. This is why using a reading pillow comes in handy. Because it makes sure you have adequate back support while reading.

You can sit and lean back slightly for a few hours without feeling any discomfort in your lower back, shoulders, or neck. Reading pillows are strategically constructed to ensure this.

You can buy specific reading pillows for neck support, back support, and longer armrests.

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Final Thoughts

Reading pillows are tempting to buy once you know how comfortable they feel. You can sit in front of a reading pillow for hours without feeling stiff or sore. And it’s so versatile because you can also use it for watching movies or lounging.

You can sit with a reading pillow on the floor or on the bed. They have a portable and lightweight design. Made up of materials that are breathable, cushiony, and durable.