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14 Best Shower Faucets of 2021

Does buying one of the best shower faucets equal spending a large sum of money? Well, not necessarily. Not every high-quality, high-performance shower faucet costs an arm and a leg you know. I mean there are high-end models that make your bathroom experience as luxurious as it can get. But then many brands are also manufacturing their more affordable counterparts. The aim here is to know how to choose the best shower systems based on your budget, mounting option, and other preferences like how many times you shower in a day, etc. In that case, does a simple faucet configuration seem like a good enough decision? Time to find out all about the wide range of choices you have at your disposal…

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What the Quality of Your Shower Faucet Matters

There’s just no denying or downplaying the fact that buying a top-quality faucet, which is often also more expensive, is a very smart long-term decision. That is precisely why higher-end shower faucets are superior in terms of quality, performance, and durability in comparison to their cheaper counterparts.

Doubtlessly, high-quality fixtures last for a much longer time. This includes an exceptionally durable finish as well, which doesn’t peel anytime soon. In that context, you may want to know that mechanical parts, in most scenarios, are better. They deliver smooth transitions between temperatures and pressures for a long, long time.

Another that matters in terms of quality is energy and water efficiency. More often than not, consumers prioritize these factors at the time of buying the best shower faucets. And it’s no surprise that top-quality models specifically feature water-conservation settings. Such as a higher water pressure, which paves the way for quicker showers.

Then some expensive faucets also include the function of maintaining water temperature. And that means saving both water and time during your shower. In the same vein, there’s WaterSense technology. This particular feature minimizes the consumption of hot water.

Things to Look for In the Best Shower Faucets

1. Design

In this department, you have modern and traditional styles.

Let’s start with modern. Modern shower faucets are outfitted with different types of waterfall designs, with a greater focus on angular shapes. The rainfall showerhead, in this case, is undoubtedly more luxurious.

As for the traditional version, it’s equipped with a mostly curved spout and handle. It’s a basic showerhead with a utilitarian design at an economical price.

2. Material/Finish

What is the most common material used for shower faucets? Hands down, the winner is lead-free brass. It’s the most durable, no doubt.

As for the finish, this is very important since it enhances both the visual appeal and durability of your faucet. And this list includes bronze, matte, brass, chrome, and nickel.

Most people choose chrome for its reflective surface. But then the chrome coating gets stained very easily by water spots. So if that’s a problem, then go with brass because this type of finish gives off a traditional gold color.

And the third most common option is matte black. For the simple reason that it covers up dirt, spots, etc. for long.

3. Mounting Option

Shower faucets are deck-mounted, wall-mounted, or floor-mounted.

The first type, that is deck mount, requires double holes in the upper rim of your tub. The second is the floor-mounted faucet that is installed on the floor with the spray head over your tub.

And then comes the wall-mount type, which you position on the closest wall to your tub. No need to drill any holes on expensive tubs for wall mount, which is why it’s the most common. Plus, it allows complete water pipe access behind that wall.

4. Handle

Do you need a 2-handle shower faucet so you can adjust the temperature more conveniently? More often than not, this is a part of the traditional design. On the other hand, modern models have just one handle for a sleeker appearance.

5. Type of Showerhead

Should you get both spray and shower heads? If yes, then you’re sure to appreciate multi-spray jets the most. Then there’s multi-choice too, which allows you to switch between different showerheads.

Even rainfall showerheads are very popular because of their widespread head. But the pressure of water is often low here. It’s more like gentle rainfall.

And lastly, you have electronic showers. These are designed with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights to make your time in the bathroom a truly refreshing and luxurious experience. The power comes from the water flow itself.

Most Commonly Asked Questions When Buying Shower Faucets

Q1. Which Brand Manufactures the Best Shower Faucets?

The number of brands keeps increasing every year. But then there are those that definitely stand out. Simply because they have been major players for quite some time now. Such as the following…

  • Delta Faucet - Best known for designing kitchen and bathroom fixtures of the highest quality. And with the most practical features.
  • Moen - Best known for designing shower faucets and other such fixtures with a classic appearance. Moen also includes a wide range of finishes, like Venetian bronze.

Q2. Do I Need A Professional to Install A New Shower Faucet?

It actually depends on your experience in the department of plumbing. And also on your plumbing system’s quality and the configuration of your current and new faucet.

With basic knowledge, you can go ahead and install your new plumbing system. But only if it and your old one are of the same configuration. And when that’s not the case, best to hire a professional than mess up what you already have.

Q3. How Long Do Shower Faucets Last?

If the brand is among the top contenders, then you don’t have to worry about durability. The service life of fixtures is also determined by how much you use and clean them. Along with the hardness of the water supply.

Generally though, shower faucets last for 15-20 years.

The Wrap-Up

The Delta line of faucets is surely top-notch in terms of multiple spray options, luxurious shower experience, and lifetime warranty. Even Moen is one such very reliable brand that manufactures some of the best shower and kitchen faucets. And they also design more budget-friendly models.

Faucets made using brass, faucets with a balanced temperature pressure valve, faucets with a tropical rainforest-inspired aesthetic, etc. The options, no doubt, are abundant. You just have to first figure out what configuration works for your bathroom and then choose your pick.