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11 Best Tiki Torches of 2021

The best tiki torches, no doubt, add a festive appeal to every backyard. The warm ambiance they create in outdoor areas is one of the most common reasons for buying a tiki torch. There are classic designs that consist of bamboo poles. Although the modern ones are now made using other materials too. You can even buy solar-powered tiki torches in case you’re not so comfortable with open flames in your backyard. Even smaller tabletop models are available, which are the most ideal for moving around from one spot to another. So how about a comprehensive buying guide that takes you through features that matter the most at the time of selection!

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Tiki Torches - What Are the Benefits?

To put it plainly…

  • Tiki torches set the mood by illuminating your outdoor space.
  • Tiki torches are stylish decoration for the backyard.
  • Tiki torches repel mosquitoes and other bugs.

Did you know that mosquito repellent also takes the form of tiki torches? Such a useful tool to have in your backyard when you’ve invited friends, family, and loved ones over for a special backyard barbecue dinner.

A tiki torch can really make your outdoor space look inviting for a social gathering. Based on how much torch fuel is used, the standard burn rate is about an hour. But with the metal canister and 12 oz. of fuel, the burn time is much, much higher (approx. 12 hours). And that means hours and hours of bug-free illumination outdoors.

Plus, tiki torches look very decorative in the backyard. So if you have any area in the yard that appears dark and dull, just place a tiki torch there.

Factors That Matter the Most When Buying A Tiki Torch

You think there’s only one type of tiki torch for you to buy? Think again, because there are a lot of options. In terms of torch type, material, fuel choice, and more.

1. Material

So there’s metal, glass, and wood. Wood is basically traditional bamboo, which is the least expensive of the lot. But bamboo tiki torches are not very durable. Also, wood is more prone to giving rise to fire hazards.

Then comes the glass-made tiki torch. It certainly looks more artistic. Plus, glass is better in the department of durability, even when it’s raining. No wonder it’s the most expensive.

And the last one is metal. Metal tiki torches, in comparison to the other two, are the safest.

2. Fuel

The options for power sources include solar cell and oil. Tiki torches that are oil-powered offer a burn time of 5-6 hours. You can use either regular or citronella oil. But it’s the latter that repels mosquitoes.

What about solar-powered tiki torches? These work on LED lights, which flicker just like the real flame of real tiki torches. No doubt, solar-powered ones are safer since there’s no flame or oil used. And they last for a longer time, about 5-12 hours. It all depends on the level of direct sunlight fuelling the solar cell during the day.

Then there are gas-powered tiki torches too you know. These run on natural gas, from your gas line at home. Obviously, such torches have a permanent service life. And they demand professional installation.

3. Type of Torch

The standard version of a tiki torch is around 60 inches long. And is equipped with a pointy tip that gets into the ground for installation. It fuels on either with the help of oil or it’s a solar-powered tiki torch. The perfect choice for backyards indeed.

The next option is a tiki torch with height adjustments. Meaning you can increase or decrease the height. 60 inches is the maximum height while 30 inches is the minimum. And this shorter kind is a more fitting option for illuminating driveways and walkways.

The third and final torch type is the tabletop version. No doubt, it’s much smaller with a height of only 6 inches. And the tiki torch here runs on oil. You can set the torch on the table as a centerpiece, much like a candle at restaurants.

4. Installation Features

The pointed end of a tiki torch is designed this way so you can dig them into the ground. This pointed end makes the job of installing the tiki torch in your backyard tool-free and easy.

The decoration also comes with an integrated snuffer connected to the torch. And what that does is safely and easily put out the flame.

5. Individual or Set?

The product is available in a set and individually. The glass and metal ones, more often than not, are sold individually. And that’s because these are high-end tiki torches.

On the other hand, since wooden models are cheaper, they come in a set. So you can purchase four or more bamboo tiki torches without having to shell out big bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Tiki Torches

Is a tiki torch dangerous?

When using an oil or fuel-powered tiki torch, the experience can be dangerous indeed. So to avoid any mishaps, make sure to arrange the tiki torch away from other objects. The distance between the torch and anything else should be as wide as possible. This is very important when it comes to preventing the open flame from spreading to something.

Also be careful to not spill oil over the torch at the time of filling its canister. You don’t want the oil to ignite any fire later on, as that might literally fire up the torch itself.

How to add fuel to the tiki torch?

Open the canister lid first. Does the canister have a wide opening? If yes, then carefully and slowly fill the oil. In the end, bear in mind to wipe off any spills or drips. And in the case of a narrow opening, add fuel with the help of a funnel for a mess-free experience.

Can tiki torches be kept in the rain?

As long as the wick is covered with that snuffer cup the best tiki torches are built with, you don’t have to worry about wet weather. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to light a wet wick. And when using a wooden tiki torch, store the thing in your shed or garage for protecting it against external elements.

The End Note

Functional, stylish, and practical - the best way to describe tiki torches. The wick utilizes fuel or solar energy to illuminate real flames. And all this happens in a safe, controllable setting. But you have to keep in mind certain precautions, which I have discussed at length.

In terms of care tips, simply make regular cleaning a part of the experience. Just wipe the torch using a damp, soapy piece of cloth. Remove all the debris and dirt from the surface. And inspect the fuel reservoir regularly to spot any chipping or cracking. That’s about it.